Unbenanntes Dokument

Junior Euroloppet

The Motto: „Pleasure and Fun with friends in Europe“

The Patron:
World-Cup Champion Lukas Bauer (CZE) and Fischer Ski took the sponsorship for the Junior Euroloppet.

The aim – the philosophy:

Showing Children the fun in movement and the nature and bring them to cross-country skiing. This is one of the main wishes of the European Union of cross-country skiing marathons, Lukas Bauer, Fischer Ski, Löffler, Start Wax and the Euroloppet organizers. 

Additionally, the European Union of cross-country skiing marathons wants to reduce the costs of the parents with the Junior Supporting Program.

Being a part is the victory!

Who takes part in at least three Junior Euroloppet Races, is already "Junior Euroloppet Champion" and gets the "Junior Euroloppet Gold Medal", the "Junior Euroloppet Champion Diploma" and the "Junior Euroloppet Champion" patch.

You'll receive with the Junior Euroloppet Passport:

  • The Löffler Euroloppet Beanie (23.-- €)
  • The Start Ski Clips (6.-- €)
  • The autograph card of World-Cup Champion Lukas Bauer