The Euroloppet Supporting program

  • Welcome presents with a worth of more than 60.- €
  • Always at least in the 2nd starting block at all Euroloppet races 
  • 20% discount on starting fee (the minimum fee is the lowest starting fee)
  • A freestart voucher for the next season (If you have absolved 3 Euroloppet events in one season)
  • Usage of the Euroloppet supporting program  with lots of advantages (see below)

Euroloppet Champion- and Euroloppet Racer Trophies

  • Euroloppet Champion Cup and Medal
  • Euroloppet Champion Crystall plate
  • Euroloppet Racer Trophies and Medal
  • Euroloppet Champion Diploma
  • Euroloppet Racer – Diploma

Your advantages

- for you as Euroloppet Passport Holder

Sport Ski Willy supports you with a 25 EURO
shopping voucher as a new Euroloppet Passport Holder.
Shopping in one of the best equipped Nordic shops in Central Europe.
Sport Ski Willy in Ramsau – Dachstein /Austria.
(The voucher is valid shoppings with a worth more than 100,00 €)
For each other shopping you will get a discount of 10% as Euroloppet Passport Holder at Sport Ski Willy.

Sport Albert in Tannenbergsthal near Klingenthal supports all new Euroloppet Passport Holders as well with a 25 EURO Euroloppet shopping voucher.
Everything for cross-country skiers and much more you will find at Sport Albert
(The voucher is valid for shopping with a worth from 100,00 €)
For each other shopping you will also get a discount of 10% as Euroloppet Passport Holder at Sport Albert.

Your advantages - at and for the races

30% supporting discount on all START waxes! (in the Euroloppet Shop)
If you have absolved 3 Euroloppet main races in one winter, START will honor you with a High-Flour wax (HF6 with a worth of 58€) and a freestart for a Euroloppet race!

LEKI, the premium pole producer supports you with special offers from special LEKI poles and products. Highest comfort, maximum power transmission, the most simple handling. With Trigger Shark you can fix and free the strap within seconds. Try it! – (via the Euroloppet shop)

Euroloppet and BLIZ, the best for Ski Marathon Racer in Europe. For everyone the best sports glasses! BLIZ, the Swedish world’s elite glasses brand supports you with the new BLIZ Proflip XT or the Pursuit XT in a High-Tech-Quality for special conditions.
Additionally, BLIZ supports you with a 10.-€ voucher for further BLIZ models in High-Tech-Quality. ( - via the Euroloppet shop or at the Euroloppet information desk at the races)

Euroloppet Travel – powered by Schulz Sportreisen offers a complete travel package to all Euroloppet races. Additionally, you will get special conditions as Euroloppet Passport holder.
With their individual care paired with expierence for decades on the sports travelling market, every Euroloppet races becomes an Excitement.
(- all offers via Euroloppet Travel)

Our Euroloppet Philosophy

The European Union of cross-country skiing marathons is focused to the individual support next to offering high-quality events for Ski Marathon runners.
We developed a supporting program for you as Ski Marathon runner with the support of the sports-industry and the Euroloppet organizers.
With buying a Euroloppet Passport, we can support you directly at the races, with the equipment or with travel offers to the races. We’re also honouring you for your performance.
We’re very proud for all this. Furthermore we’re glad with all Ski Marathon runners in Europe, in the big Euroloppet family to perform our great sport at all beautiful events.

Your Euroloppet Team