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Marathon de Bessans (FRA)

07.01.2016 – 10.01.2016

Be part of the EUROLOPPET season-opening in Bessans, France, which deserves the reputation of nordic skiing land due to its 80 kilometres of groomed tracks. Located in the western alps, Bessans is one of the most favourite destinations for the cross country skiing lovers.

From 570.- € (Euroloppet Passport Holders: from 540.-€)

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Int. Kammlauf (GER)

23.01.2016 – 24.01.2016

From 45.- €

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Biela Stopa (SVK)

29.01.2016 – 01.02.2016

Slovakia's biggest and best-known Ski Marathon event. The "white track" is an international traditional race in the tracks around the historical mining city Kremnica. Get suprised, the Biela Stopa is worth to travel!

From 430.- €

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Marcia Gran Paradiso (ITA)

04.02.2016 – 07.02.2016

Cogne is the cross-country queen of Aosta valley: the small and long circuits with a total length of 80 km go through the national park of Gran Paradiso at the bottom of Grivola and Gran Paradiso.

From 270.- €

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Marxa Beret (ESP)

04.02.2016 - 08.02.2016

Marxa Beret is the largest and most popular Ski Marathon rave in Spain. About 1.500 cross-country skiers participate each year. In 2016 Marxa Beret will be host of the European Ski Marathon Championships!

From 390.- € (Euroloppet Passport Holders: from 360.- €)

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Engelbrektsloppet (SWE)

10.02.2016 - 15.02.2016

The Engelbrektsloppet is after the Vasaloppet the 2nd biggest ski marathon event in Sweden and belongs to the "En Svensk classics" series. For the first time the race took place in 1969.

From 580.- €

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Int. Tiroler Koasalauf (AUT)

12.02.2016 - 14.02.2016

In front of a majestetic landscape in the alps of Kitzbuhel goes the track around St. Johann in Tyrol. At the bottom of the Wilder Kaiser, which is called "Koasa" in tyrolian language, a spectacular race is waiting for you.

From 380.- €(Euroloppet Passport Holders: from 360.- €)

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Gsiesertal Lauf (ITA)

18.02.2016 - 22.02.2016

Located in the Val Casies, is the “Gsieser Tal Lauf“ an insiders´tip. Besides the Marcialonga it´s THE Skimarathon in Italy. Since its start in 1984, this event has never been cancelled

From 470.- € (Euroloppet Passport Holders: from 440.- €)

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Sumavsky Skimarathon (CZE)

26.02.2016 - 28.02.2016

The Bohemian Forest will be the mecca for Ski Marathon Runners for one weekend. Start and finish for the ca. 1.500 participants is the village Kvilda, which is located at 1.065 m above sea level.

From 120.- €

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Gommerlauf (SUI)

26.02.2016 – 28.02.2016

Not every ski "Marathon" is a run in the classical sense, but here it is appreciated: on Sunday you´ll ski exactly 42.195 km!

From 400.- € (Euroloppet Passport Holders: From 380.- €)

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Ganghoferlauf (AUT)

04.03.2016 – 06.03.2016

The Ganghoferlauf in the Olympic region of Seefeld thrilled year after year the participants with great routes through the Leutaschtal. The region, that will host the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2019, invites skier’s marathon runners to experience international Nordic skiing flair. You will find an ingenious and absolutely professionally prepared route.

Price on request

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Skadi Loppet (GER)

18.03.2016 - 20.03.2016

Due to the new "Skadi Loppet Village" in Bodenmais, the logistic organisation is more central. No matter if award ceremonies, the sports exhibition, showers and changing rooms or food and beverages after the race, you´ll find everything in the new Skadi Loppet Village.

From 145.- € (Euroloppet Passport Holders: From 135.- €)

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Vuokatti Hiihto (FIN)

17.03.2016 - 20.03.2016

Join one of the most famous and biggest ski marathons in Finland with round about 2000 participants. It takes place on Vuokatti hills in the centre of the popular all-year-round holiday resort.  Vuokatti Hiihto is well known for its compact competition area, welcoming atmosphere and best prepared ski tracks.

From 390.- € (Euroloppet Passport Holders: From 370.- €)

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Murmansk Skimarathon Prazdnik Severa (RUS)

31.03.2016 - 03.04.2016

Since 40 years the 50 (25) km Ski Marathon in Murmansk is a highlight during the "Prazdnik Severa"- "Festival of the North", where in march, the Sami peoples of the north, traditionally celebrate the end of the long nights.

From 490.- € (Euroloppet Passport Holders: From 470.- €)

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Ugra Ski Marathon (RUS)

06.04.2016 - 10.04.2016

Khanty Mansiysk, a town "behind" the Urals, already has made sports history in the 30-ies of the last century. But only since the city has become one of the richest and developed cities due to gas resources and later on also stared to focus on ecology and international sport and ski events, it has become well known in our latitudes.

From 640.- € (Euroloppet Passport Holders: From 590.- €)

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