Gsieser Tal Lauf - Gran Fondo Val Casies

Date: 14.02.2015 - 15.02.2015 Location: South Tyrol Route: 42 km / 30 km CT
42 km / 30 km FT
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"Gieser Tal" is a valley alongside of the Pustertal between the offshoots of the Rieserfernergruppe and the Defreggeralpen. The 18 km long valley branches by Welsberg off northbound. A well enlarged street guides through the wide valley by Pichl, St. Martin and St. Magdalena. The Valley proceeds till St. Magdalena nearly smooth and really far. The slopes on every side of the valley floor are vegetated by firs andspruces.The slowest place called Pichl is located on 1200 m sea level, St. Magdalena on 1400 m and the last yards on 1530 m. The major revenue source of the township (2150 inhabiters) is farming and tourism with 1400 guest beds.There are comfortable hotels, middle-class inns and boarding houses, farms,vacations apartements and privat rooms available for the guests.
The soft, calm valley offers many places in the natur to relax, take a rest andbreathe good air. In winter the Gsiesertal bets on the nordic ski sports. In the middle of december they guaranteed 20 km prepared loipes for both kinds of skiing. 40 km loipes are available in january. Fans of skiing will enjoy the Kronplatz and the Helm. (20 km with the car to reach this place)
You can walk on well enlarged, partly marked paths and enjoy the wonderful mountain landscape.  A special experience is the \\\\\\\"Almweg 2000\\\\\\\". It\\\\\\\'s a path at 2000 meters sea level and you can walk from hut to hut.
Welsberg (1087m sea level) is famous für Paul Troger. He is an Austrian beroque painter and born in Welsberg. His works you can see in the Pfarrkirche, the Raiffeisenkasse and Schloss Welsberg. The program of the events is really versatile: classic concerts in the castle, concerts of bands, village fairs and colorful evenings.
Far away from the transit (1212m sea level) you can spend some relaxing holiday in the town Taisten. Endless paths are going trough meadows and forests. Also you can have a look at the Dolomites. The landscape haven\\\\\\\'t been changed there: Taistner Alm, Dolomites. A large choice of many offers for small and big tours!