Oh Meu Deus Ultra Trail Serra da Estrela

Date: 08.06.2018 - 10.06.2018 Location: Seia Route: 160+40km, 100Km, 50km e 20km

Oh my gosh! Oh My God, Oh Mon Dieu, Oh Dio Mio, Oh Mein Gott! This universal interjection means unbelief for something that comes to him.

The OMD Serra da Estrela is one of the biggest races in Continental Portugal, the only one with 100 miles in mountain. The originality of the name also means the difficulties they will encounter along the way. A long and wide slope. Combining a number of difficulties, inherent in the prolonged effort, the altitude, the thermal amplitudes and we have incredible proof.

The quest for a physical limit, in these times, is a goal of many people. This finishing glory is transverse to the first and last to reach the goal. The main purpose of the race is not for the majority of the participants to win but to finish. The feeling of taking the challenge to the end is a heroic act and to keep on the memoir album. It is the entrance to Olympus that does not distinguish the first from the last.

It is joy, it is effort, it is pain, it is glory, it is harmony. It is the full contact with nature, it is the challenge, it is the test to the physical and psychological limits. It's adrenaline, it's nature sport ... it's the thrill of traveling through the senses.

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