Date: 09.02.2018 - 11.02.2018 Location: Norberg Route: Kristinaloppet 30 km CT (ladies)
60 km CT / 30 km CT
Euroloppet Travel - Schulz Sportreisen



Friday       Relay (3 x 10 km C)                                
Saturday   Kristinaloppet (30 km CT Ladies)         10:00 h
                 Engelbrektshalvan (30 km CT)           10:30 h
Sunday     Engelbrektsloppet (60 km CT)             10:00 h
                 Lilla Engelbrektsloppet (500 m Kids)   10:30 h


Route profile 

- slightly hilly
- curvy and mostly in the forest
- along beautiful lakes
- go over some mountain ranges
- with at least 3 slopes side by side


About the event

- second biggest race in Sweden after Vasaloppet

- first race in 1969 and named after the liberty-hero Engelbrekt

- start and finish direct in the city centre of Norberg (ca. 6000 citizens)

- main race via two rounds à 30 km

- qualification race for a better start-row at the Vasaloppet

- part of the Swedish Classic series


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