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VIDEO - Euroloppet Trailer - I already like the snow ...

Look forward to the new season with lots of snow! Freuen Sie sich auf die neue Saison mit viel Schnee!!

The roller ski season starts - euroloppet supports the ski marathon runner

Euroloppet Partner Sport Ski Willy.at offers 15% discount on all standard roller skis fro Euroloppet passport holders! Minus 15% on roller skis + bindings 10% discount for all Euroloppet Passport holders will be...

European Ski Marathon Congress 2014 in Bessans/ France - many positive things for you as Ski Marathon Runner

38 delegates and experts from 11 countries met in Bessans for the European Ski Marathon Congress 2014. The delegates talked, discussed and worked on the topic Ski Marathon in Europe for 4 days. The EUC, umbrella organization of...

Here we go again, the Euroloppet Racer Action is back. Take part in three Euroloppet races and get one freestart for the next season.

Euroloppet Racer Action 2015

30 % promotion for START waxes

TOP OFFER  - for you as a euroloppet passport holder!
- 30% promotion on all START waxes

about the Euroloppet support program - here

The Waxing Table - fits in your ski bag!

Special offer only for Euroloppet Pass holder:

TRAVEL WAXER XC 59,- (normal price 79,-)
TRAVEL WAXER Bench XC 119,- (normal price 169,-)
 plus shipping

::: here the VIDEO :::

Order only in the Euroloppet office: 

info@euroloppet.com Phone: 0049 9924 77 00 680

The Euroloppet Passport

The Euroloppet Passport ... have fun, save money and overtake with the Euroloppet Passport!

- 2 Starting block for all Euroloppet Race
- Entry fee discounts at all Euroloppet Race
- P.A.C. Euroloppet cloth
- 25.-  Coupon Sport Ski Willy
- 25.- Coupon Sport Albert
- 39.- Coupon Ferienfabrik.de

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