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  • Welcome presents with a value over 100.-€
  • Usage of the Supporting Program for Euroloppet Passport owners with a lot of advantages
  • Euroloppet Champion Diploma
  • Euroloppet Champion Medal
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  • Euroloppet Racer – Annual Valuation with Euroloppet Racer Diploma

Regulations Euroloppet Racer






Annual Euroloppet Racer – Annual valuation

  1. You'll become a Euroloppet Racer, if you have participated in 3 different Euroloppet event locations (short or long distance – classic or free technique) in one season and you're listed in the result list.

    Valuation: One race per event location – short or long distance – classic/ free technique!
  2. The Valuation of the Euroloppet Racer goes automatic by the Euroloppet office. (The preliminary condition is an uniform writting at the registration at different races)
  3. If the conditions are fulfilled after topic 1, you'll get the following presents:
    • the "Euroloppet Racer Diploma"
    • the "Euroloppet Racer Patch", with the according date
    • Your name will be published in the internet as "Euroloppet Racer". Additional a photo of you will be published, if you send one to the Euroloppet office.















The Racer action 3 + 1 is realized with the support of all Euroloppet organizers. In total, the Euroloppet races support the action with freestarts in a worth of ca. 20.000.-€ per season. The freestart vouchers are limited for each event.

Who absolves in one season (December to May) at least three Euroloppet events as Euroloppet Passport holder will be honored with the title „Euroloppet Racer YEAR“. Each “Euroloppet Racer” has access to the Euroloppet “Freestartpool” at www.euroloppet.com in the year, he achieved the title „Euroloppet Racer“ with his Euroloppet Passport N°. The „Freestart Vouchers“ of the events will be available in the „Freestartpool“ for a limited time only (September 01st to October 31st).
The Euroloppet Racer can order an available Freestart Voucher of the Freestartpool for a Euroloppet event, he didn’t absolve in the last season. The Freestart Voucher is only valid for the next season and is not transferable. Refunding is not possible.

If the Freestart Voucher will be encashed in the next season, the race will be honored for the new Racer valuation. That means, the Ski Marathon runner has only pay the starting fee for two Euroloppet events, to get another access to log in to the Freestartpool for the next season.

The Euroloppet Racer Aktion is a voluntary service oft he Euroloppet organizers and the European Union of cross-country skiing marathon races. The responsible persons want to offer more advantages for the Euroloppet Racers in their sports. The action is limited by time. Legal notice: There’s no right to a Freestart Voucher of a certain Euroloppet event. The right of a freestart is given until Freestart Vouchers are available in the Freestartpool. If all available Freestart Vouchers are distributed, there’s no more right to a Freestart Voucher.


Regulations Euroloppet Champion

Become a Euroloppet Champion

You buy the Euroloppet Passport and you'll have next to the advantages of a Euroloppet Passport owner the possibility to become a Euroloppet Champion.

  1. The passport is valid for 10 years/seasons – from the date of issue.
  2. After participating in 8 different Euroloppet events – short or long distance in max. 10 years, you'll get the title "Euroloppet Champion".

    Valuation: One race per event location – short or long distance – classic/ free technique!
  3. The successful participation (the athlete has to be listed in the result list) will be confirmed with the stamp in the Euroloppet passport by the local organizer.
  4. When 8 different stamps of Euroloppet organizers are in the Euroloppet passport, please send your Euroloppet passport to the Euroloppet office for proofing and you'll get the following presents:
    • the Euroloppet "Champion-Diploma"
    • the Euroloppet "gold sticker"
    • the patch "Euroloppet Champion"
    • Your name will be published in the internet as "Euroloppet Champion". Additional a photo of you will be published, if you send one to the Euroloppet office.
  5. Every Euroloppet Champion has the possibility to order the "Euroloppet Champion Medal" and/ or the "Euroloppet Champion Crystal Trophy"