Extremo Sul Ultramarathon

Date: 15.11.2018 - 17.11.2018 Location: Rio Grande do Sul Route: 226 km

The largest beach in the world has a new brand, a new image, a new face and a new soul. It will also have a new beginning and a new beginning.

Extreme South Ultramarathon - The largest beach in the world is a new brand for the challenge that is the crossing of the sand extension between the bars of Rio Grande and Chui, Santa Vitória do Palmar, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

It is an ultra-marathon semi-autonomy and non-stop format with a maximum completion time of 54 hours that can be made solo or in relay of two or four elements and is limited to 150 participants.

Distance / Timeout

223 km / 54 hours

Control stations (PC) / Support bases (BA)

10 Distance distances to an average of 20km with various types of help.

Contact / Infos

ContactEmail: info@extremo-sul.com
Tel:+351 274.673.139

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