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Welcome to your world of Ski Marathon

Welcome to START Euroloppet, to the Euroloppet Champion Races


Here you will find everything about the Ski Marathon, the worldwide Ski Marathon calendar, everything about START Euroloppet, one of the biggest ski marathon series in the world and all about the Euroloppet Champion Races, the race series. You are invited to immerse yourself in your cross-country skiing and skiing marathon world.

The material of the best? Medal table Nordic World Ski Championships 2021

The Ski Marathon Magazine Winter 2021- International - in English for free as eBook for you

The Euroloppet support program - for al Euroloppet Pass holder

What is the secret of SOLESTAR?

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Rossignol support program

Designed for the Euroloppet Champion Races – offers space for your complete competition gear.

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