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Nikolov Perevoz Russialoppet

12.02.2022 50 km / 25 km /10 km FT
Dubna River, Dubna RUS RUS

Register for the race and apply for a visa - made easy

  • Euroloppet and the Russia Visa & Travel experts from PANEURASIA have developed a package for the Russian Euroloppet Champion Races.
  • You can register directly and apply for your visa. All formalities are taken care of. Airport transfer and hotel can also be booked directly.

visa fee 49 € (Euroloppet Passport members 45 € )                                       Here you can find all information

Race program

Sunday XC Marathon (50 km FT) 11.00 am
  1/2 Marathon (25 km FT) 11.00 am
  XC Taldom Race (10 km FT) 10.45 am
  XC Kids Race (5 km FT) 10.15 am
  XC Baby Marathon (1 km FT)    10.00 am


Track profile

  • The course goes through the frozen mainstream of Dubna river.
  • The start is near the place where Dubna river flows into the Volga.
  • Marathon track consists of two 25km laps, 12,5 km in one direction, after turn back to the start. There isn’t climbs on the course.
  • Strong winds can blow during the race, so the half of marathon probably will be much more difficult.
  • The prepared trail is pretty wide, snow cover can vary from ice to wet snow due to weather.
A special challenge - on the river Dubna - Nikolov Perevoz RUS


  • Race is named in honor to the ancient stop at the cross of trails and the river Dubna in Stone Century
  • The largest river of Europe – Volga is nearby
  • Dubna is a center of nuclear industry, science and research and has “Naukograd” status
  • Local skiers enjoy training on the ice of Dubna river on late autumn and early spring, when there is a good snow crust
  • The marathon will be quite light for beginners due to flat terrain

Travel Information - Experience Russia

  • For your questions about Russia-Travel Euroloppet Champion Races and Russia Visa please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • As a Russia travel expert, you will receive insider tips from me, as I have accompanied many tours myself.


Eduard Klein (travel consultants | Founder & CEO von Paneurasia)

Questions about the Experience Russia +49 341 221 71 501


Visa Order Process

  • The registration for the Russian Euroloppet Champion Race and the application for your visa is done (here)
  • Transfer from the airport, transfer of the route inspection and transfer to the start and back, transfer to the airport are also booked ? (here)
  • Hotel is booked ? (here)
  1. You will immediately get a message from Paneurasia which documents are needed and the information about the trip.
  2. You send the required documents by post by registered mail to Paneurasia Deutschland,  Postfach 50 01 54,   D-04301 Leipzig
  3. You will receive your passport with visa by post directly to your home and further information about the trip.


Registration - visa formalities -Transfers - Hotel


You can register here directly for the Russian Euroloppet Champion Races.

At the same time you apply for your entry visa for the Russian Federation.

  • Directly bookable is also the transfer from the airport - hotel/start and back to the airport.
  • the hotel can be booked as well
  • after the races a 2 day cultural program (Moscow sightseeing) can be booked as well

Here you will find all the information you need


Travel Arrival by plane

Airport: Moskau 

- Domodedovo (DME)  Info  Lufthansa

- Sheremetyevo (SVO)  Info   Finnair 

Individual onward journey from the airport:

- from Moscow by car on Dmitrovski SH. (A-104) to Dubna / Дубна 

- Start / Finish: Dubna city, Ratmino village /(г. Дубна, с. Ратмино) - historical start place of the race

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