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Vuokatti Hiihto

05.03.2022 10 km + 30 km + 50 km (all FT/CT) + 100 km (= 50 km FT+ 50 km CT)
Vuokatti FIN FIN



100km (C+F) 8:00 100 km:The first lap 50 km in classic technique and the second lap 50 km in free technique  
50km (p) 8:00    
30km (p) 9:15    
30km (F) 9:45    
50km (C) 10:15    
10km (C + F) 12:30    


Track profile

The start takes place directly at the sports institute Vuokatti. Everything is there (start number issue, wax service, food, award ceremony, hotel).

The tracks (long distances) lead in the first part around Vuokatti in very demanding terrain. In the second part (also the short distances) the route runs through the magnificent Finnish forests, over ridges with partly long temperate climbs and of course, as its normal in Finland, over many frozen lakes. 

The trail network around Vuokatti covers approx. 200 km, which is excellently prepared for classic and free technique. It is a dream to run for any cross country skier. 

Route profile

          * At 100 km you run the 50 km distance twiceofil



Fri  Time Notice
  13.00 – 20.00 Event office open in Vuokatti Hall
  11.00 – 20.00 Intersport shop open in the event centre
  14.00 – 20.00 START waxing service open in the event centre
 Sat  Time Notice
  6.30 – 18.00 Event office open in Vuokatti Hall
  6.30 – 16.00 Intersport shop open in the event centre
  6.00 – 12.00 START waxing service open in the event centre
  13.30 Prize giving ceremony (30km, 50km + lottery prices)
  16.00 Prize giving ceremony 100km



  • Vuokatti Hiihto is one of the most famous and biggest Ski Marathons races in Finland with round about 2.000 participants.
  • The event take place around Vuokatti hills in the center of the popular all-year-round holiday and sports resort.
  • Vuokatti Hiihto is well known for its compact competition area, welcoming atmosphere, a great landscape and best prepared ski tracks.
  • Walking from hotel to the starting line in only 4 minutes
  • Unique possibility: Vuokatti Hiihto 50 km classic technique + 50 km free technique = 100 km!
  • Vuokatti is located in the middle of Finland. The next airport is in Kajaani (30 km). A regular bus connection will bring you from the airport directly to the hotel’s front door and the Sports Institute

Travel Information

Arrival by car

Special Travel Offers

Hotel - Vuokatti Sport

- suoraan maalialueelta / lähtöalueelta

Arrival by plane

International Airport: Helsinki Vantaa

- Airport: Kajaani 
Here all information for arrival in Kajaani

  • The fastest way is of course a flight from Helsinki-Vantaa to Kajaani. There are four flights a day and the flight duration is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. From the airport it is about 15km to Kajaani and from there another 30km to Vuokatti. There are bus connections directly from the airport or downtown to Vuokatti.

check your flight connection -  here

By bus from the airport:
Line: SOTKAMO - VUOKATTI - KAJAANI -> Airport and back.
Stops: Sotkamo, - Vuokatinhovi - Sokos Hotelli - Urheiluopisto (sports academy) - Katinkulta - Kajaani (market square, Hotel Kajanus)

Departure time from the airport to Kajaani, Vuokatti, Sotkamo approx. 10 min. after the landing.

When departing for Finnair flights: Bus departure 1:50 hours before departure - from Sotkamo - Vuokatti bus stop approx. 1:40 hours before departure.
To flight AY643, 645, 646, 647

Further information


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