Ekaterinburg Europe-Asia Ski Marathon

Date: 06.03.2016 Location: Ekaterinburg - Russisch Route: 35 km FT, 53 km FT

The marathon #EuropeAsia was for the first time carried out in 1984.

It is the only marathon in Russia, start which is given in one point, at the obelisk Europe-Asia of Pervouralsk, and the finish in another - on Square "Community work Days" in Ekaterinburg.

Ekaterinburg, child of Petrovsky reforms, is located on border of Europe and Asia. Called in honor of the empress Catherine I, the city is founded in 1723 during industrial development of the Urals and Siberia. The main center of metallurgy and mechanical engineering is known for a sad story of the House of Ipatyev and revival of new Russia, the beginning of political career of the first President Russian Boris Yeltsin's Federations.

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ContactCross-country skiing Federation of Sverdlovsk region
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