22. Nikolov Perevoz Russialoppet

Date: 09.02.2019 Location: Art-Steading "Veretevo", district Taldom Route: 50 km / 25 km /10 km FT



Saturday     XC Marathon (50 km FT)11.15 h
1/2 Marathon (25 km FT)12.00 h

XC Taldam Race (10 km FT)12.00 h
XC Kids Race (5 km FT)10.15 h
XC Baby Marathon (1 km FT)     10.00 h


Track profile

- Slightly hilly
- Partly on the frozen river Dubna
- Pretty straight track with a beautiful forest view
- Along the Dubna river


About the event

- The ski marathon Nikolov Perevoz has been held since 1995
- Race is named in honor to the ancient stop at the cross of trails and the river Dubna in Stone Century
- Start is given at the mouth of the river Dubna near the site where in 1134 the wooden fortress Dubna was built by order of Yuri Dolgoruky
- The route runs along the ice canal of the Dubna River, which makes the competition a common ski holiday of the Moscow region


Tips for individual travel planning


Via airplane to Moscow Scheremetjewo 

Further travel from the airport via rental car from Moscow via car on the Dmitrowski SH. (A-104) to the village Veret'yevo / Веретьево.

City: Dubna / Дубна   - Start / Finish: Veret'yevo / Веретьево.


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