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Participate on two in Finland's three

top skimarathon events and you are a Suomi Racer !




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All Finnish cross-country skiers can achieve the title SUOMI Racer


With the participation in two Euroloppet Champion Race in Finland (Jyväskylä Skimarathon and Vuokatti Hiihto) or with the participation in Finlandia Hiihto as Worldloppet Race and one of the two Euroloppet Champion Races, you are SUOMI Racer.

Prerequisite is: You are Euroloppet Passport holder - or you are Worldloppet Pass holder.

Euroloppet Passport holders / also Worldloppet Passport holders from Finland but other countries can reach the title SUOMI Racer.



FINLANDIA HIIHTO   20.02.2022               VUOKATTI HIIHTO   05.03.2022                 JYVÄSKYLÄ SKIMARATHON   12.03.2022    
or Virtual Finlandia 12.-19.2.2022

SUOMI RACER - Reglement

The series for Euroloppet- and Worldloppet Passport Holders in Finland - Participation is free

The races are available to choose from

- FINLANDIA HIIHTO   - Lahti                                    Info 

- JYVÄSKYLÄ SKIMARATHON  -  Jyväskylä           Info

- VUOKATTI HIIHTO  -  Vuokatti                                Info

Jos hiihto joudutaan järjestämään  virtuaalisena, osallistuminen lasketaan Suomi Racer-suoritukseksi

How can I become a SUOMI Racer?

  • If you participate in two of the mentioned Races, you are a SUOMI Racer. 
  • Precondition is that you have a valid
    Euroloppet Passport or Worldloppet Passport.

Your Reward

  • As a SUOMI Racer, you will receive your SUOMI RACER diploma and in addition, you can choose between a START Wax or  BLIZ MOTION Sports glasses.

Also use the Euroloppet Racer Action 3 + 1

  • If you participate in three Euroloppet Champion Race in one season, you will also be Euroloppet Racer,
  • The reward: freestart for the next season and a START Glider wax.

You can find all information her

Are you up to the challenge and do you want to become a SUOMI RACER?

Then please make your pre-registration below!

  • The Participation is free.
  • The evaluation takes place automatically via your Euroloppet- or Worldloppet passport number.

In order to facilitate the organization of the distribution of prices for the SUOMI RACER, we ask that you register for the SUOMI RACER series in advance without obligation.
This means that you will receive your SUOMI RACER gifts immediately after your second race.


Thank you for your support

Your Euroloppet team


Anyone who does not register in advance is not guaranteed to receive the SUOMI RACER gifts on site. The gifts must be sent by post from Germany. The shipping costs are to be paid in advance by the runner.


The participation for the SUOMI RACER Series is free !
- this is no registration for a race - please also still register for the respective race

Advance registration for the SUOMI RACER series

Your Euroloppet- or Worldloppet passport data:
Please select at minimum 2 races - Valitse vähintään 2 hiihtoa

* Products may vary with similar products based on availability.
There is no legal claim to receive the products shown or named.

Look forward to your SUOMI RACER  Events


START WAX supports the SUOMI RACER as a reward with a START Glider 

BLIZ  supports the SUOMI RACER as a reward with BLIZ MOTION sports glasses

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