Krkonoska 70

Datum: 28.02.2015 Veranstaltungsort: Špindlerově Mlýně - Tschechien Strecke: 25 km F, 50 km F, 70 km F

One of the oldest races in Europe called KRKONOŠSKÁ 70 ( K-70 ), will start his 59th year 1.3.2014 again in Spindleruv Mlyn in the area of ​​St. Peter in the Czech republic. The K- 70 is already 59 years old meet athletes to measure their strength not only for the challenges of the Giant Mountains Krkonoše and unpredictable weather, but above all with ourselves. Along with a five-member patrol and individuals will also check the strength and team spirit, which is the basic building block in a challenging run the comb, which is K-70.

Kontakt / Infos

KontaktRadek Horak Mgr.
Revoluční 164, 541 01 Trutnov, Czech republic