The Bora Wind Run - La Corsa della Bora

Datum: 06.01.2016 Veranstaltungsort: Trieste, Italy Strecke: 53 and 21 km

S1 Trail, 53 km e 2000 D+

S1 Half, 21 km e 500 D+ 700 D-

The entire race overlooks the spectacular Gulf of Trieste, in a continuous variation of fast ground, rocky and hard trails, steep slopes and screes recalling the Dolomiti’s spirit and views.

It is a hard trail, but full of surprises.

You can be hit by the Bora wind at 200 km/h or be kissed by a a lukewarm and almost spring-like sun, in a scenery that alternates Alpine looking views overlooking the sea that is possible to find only in Trieste.

At every refreshment points you will find “real food” from the local production of the “Carso Triestino” area. This area is characterized by very small and selected gastronomical excellences, which are out of the large distribution channels.

Because of this, the Bora Wind Run will be a unique tour also under a gastronomic point of view.


The S1’s Spirit

The Bora Wind Run is a tough race, but it is accessible to all those runners that are provided with common sense; love for nature; love for running; and love for authentic experiences.

The major S1’s refreshment stalls are shared with the S1 Walk (the ‘non- competitive’ race). These stalls will offer Trieste’s typical products to all runners. We decided to combine in this race both the trail running and outdoor living spirit with the discovery of the Carso Triestino’s authentic tastes. As a result, all participants will be exposed to the beauty that this region is able to offer also during the colder months of the year.

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