Murmansk Russialoppet

Datum: 01.04.2017 - 02.04.2017 Veranstaltungsort: Murmansk Strecke: 50 km FT / 25 km FT / 1 km FT 50 km CT / 25 km CT

Prazdnik SEVERA Skimarathon Murmansk
The Prazdnik Severa Skimarathon Murmansk, the ski festival in the north takes place since 1973. In the meantime it's one of the most famous Russian Sporting events in the region of Murmansk. On halfway from Moscow to the north pole, Murmansk is the largest city above the polar circle. It's the most visited norhtern city in Russia, perfect for watching the midnight sun and the polar nights. Visitors can get to Murmansk via plane from St. Petersburg, Moscow or Helsinki.

The race is well organized, challenging and with a great atmosphere. Young and old is present at the ski festival of good mood and endurance sports. On March 28th 2015, the 50 km in the free technique form en and women is on the schedule. Russialoppet invites all Ski Marathon runners to visit Murmansk. Euroloppet Travel will organise a journey.

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KontaktSports Complex Dolina Yuta

3, Dolina Yjuta street
Pervomayski district

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