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Int. Kammlauf

09.03.2019 26 km FT 10.03.2019 26 km, 50 km CT
Klingenthal / Mühlleithen GER GER


Saturday Mini Kammlauf (5 km CT) 10.00 am
  Familiy run (10 km CT) 10.45 am
  Int. Kammlauf (26 km FT) 11.00 am
Sunday Kammlauf (50 km CT) 10.00 am
  Kammlauf (26 km CT) 10.20 am
  Große Kammzwerge (800 m FT) 10.45 am
  Kleine Kammzwerge (400 m FT) 11.00 am


Track Profile

  • Altitude constant over 800 m above sea level.
  • Charming landscape through broad spruce forests.



  • Largest ski marathon in East Germany
  • Klingenthal is a center of traditional Nordic ski strongholds
  • A fixed component of the German and international Ski Marathon calendar
  • Kammloipe is one of the snow-surest tracks in Germany

Travel Information

Arrival by car

Arrival by plane

Airport: Nürberg

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