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CARDION Karlův běh

19.02.2022 12 km FT, 22 km FT 20.02.2022 12 km CT, 22 km CT, 45 km CT
Boží Dar CZE CZE


Saturday Children`s race (0,5 km -6 km ) 9.00 - 9.30 am
  CARDION Karlův běh Skating (22 km FT) 10.00 am
  CARDION Karlův běh Skating (12 km FT) 10.15 am
Sunday CARDION Karlův běh (45 km CT) 10.30 am
  CARDION Karlův běh (22 km CT) 11.00 am
  CARDION Karlův běh (12 km CT) 11.15 am


Track profile

  • The cross-country ski trail network of Bozi Dar/CZE, located directly near Oberwiesenthal/GER (3 km), lies on the heights of the Erzgebirge.
  • Start and finish are at 1020 m. In a very selective and ideal cross-country skiing area, the different routes are laid out (lowest point approx. 950 m, highest point approx. 1100 m). This means the best conditions for both, pleasure runners and performance-oriented athletes.


  • The Ski Club Slovan Karlovy Vary organizes its ski marathon event "Karluv beh" in the small former mountain town Bozi Dar, on the heights of the Erzgebirge.
  • About 30 km away from Karlovy Vary lies Bozi Dar, translated God's gift, as the highest town in the Czech Republic at 1028 m, not far from the 1215 m high Fichtelberg near Oberwiesenthal.
  • The high plateau around Bozi Dar, around Oberwiesenthal to Johanngeorgenstadt, is a great cross-country skiing area with guaranteed snow.
  • There are some hotels and guesthouses in Bozi Dar (here). But also in Oberwiesenthal (3 km away) or directly in Karlsbad there are enough accommodations.

Travel Information

Arrival by car

Arrival by plane

Prague   125 km  -   1:45 h by car

Leipzig 175 km    -   2:10 h by car

Munic 300 km      -    3:15 by car


Karlův běh, a ski race named after the first King of Bohemia – Charles IV. It is the second oldest individual race on narrow boards in Bohemia. The idea of organizing a long distance ski run in Boží Dar, which was supposed to be similar to the Swedish Vasaloppett, came at the end of the 1960s by local cross-country skiing fans – Jan Praveček and Jiří Čáslavský. They managed to assert a non-political name after the most famous Czech monarch. It is also in the logo of the race, although in the first years the symbol of the race was a snowman on skis with a royal crown. In honor of the founders, the Saturday free style race is held as the Jan Praveček Memorial and the Sunday race in classic style as the Jiří Čáslavský Memorial.

At the start of the first year of the race in 1969 there were 35 racers who took a 25 km long track from Boží Dar to Plešivec and back. The women turned earlier and their track was 15 km long – the first woman to win the Karlův běh was Jitka Koňatová, today Peřina, and the first man Egon Hofmann. The won the salami and bottle of the most famous herbal liquere Becherovka.

The tracks were trampled in the first years, later the organizers of Ski Club Karlovy Vary bought one of the first snowmobiles in Bohemia. A record number of 1 464 participants took part in the Karlův běh in 1987. The post-revolution record holds the year 2018 with 876 competitors. It will be the 49th year.

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