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Marathon de Bessans

08.01.2022 30 km CT 09.01.2022 42 km FT / 21 km FT
Bessans FRA FRA


Saturday 15 + 30 km CT 10.00 am
Sunday 21 + 42 km 10.00 am
  2,5 km 10.15 am
  5 km 10.20 am
  10 km 10.20 am
  Just for Fun 10.35 am


Track profile

The starting area is wide, but then races give a challenge to everyone.

In the sweet valley of Bessans, slopes are mostly flat with short and crisp climb.

Forest are small here, sotracks are wide and perfectly groomed, with signs to secure your race. Don’t forget that Bessans is at 1750m.

All this made this a perfect season opening, either in free or classic technic.



  • Bessans is one of the heart of cross country skiing and biathlon in France.
  • Bessans is near national park of Vanoise in Savoie and in the Haute Maurienne Vanoise valley
  • It’s the smallest village in the Euroloppet with 343 permanent habitants.
  • 130 km of cross country slopes, perfectly groomed with manifold difficulties.
  • One of the highest ski-resort in France and Europa (1750m high).
  • Exceptionnal Snow garanty (mid-october to mid-april), due to altitude, climate, snow-farming and 15 snow-makers.
  • A lot of french team and clubs come to practice during the whole year

Travel Information

Arrival by car

Arrival by plane

Airport: Turin, Lyon

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