Each Euroloppet Passport Holder, who participated in at least 3 different Eurolopept events in one season, is a Euroloppet Racer and will be honored for his performance:

  • Euroloppet Freestart for the next season

  • START HF 6 High Flourine glide wax with a worth of 58.- €

The Freestartpool

opened from September 1st until October 31st

  • All Euroloppet organizers provide freestarts as reward for the Euroloppet Racers. Those freestarts will be provided on a pool. Each Euroloppet Racer can login to the freestartpool with his Euroloppet Passport data. There, the racer can choose his freestart and register for the chosen race. Only in the freestartpool available freestarts can be registered.
  • The Euroloppet Racer (at least 3 or 4 races) can order an available Freestart Voucher of the Freestartpool for a Euroloppet event, he didn’t absolve in the last season.
  • Who absolved at least 5 races in one Euroloppet season can choose his Freestart fro the next season freely, in case freestarts are still available. The Freestart Voucher is only valid for the next season and is not transferable. Refunding is not possible.

After your choice and registration for the freestart, you'll get the freestart and START Wax via post.

Please note: The packages will be sent until mid december, after the Freestart Pool is closed.

Additionally, each Euroloppet Racer has the chance to win