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The official Euroloppet Trainingscenter


The Euroloppet Trainingsporgram 2018

You'll be supported as Euroloppet Passport Holder in all offers from the official Euroloppet Trainingscenter Ramsau/ Dachstein (AUT) with the Euroloppet supporting program.

  • The following trainings offers can be ordered at the tourism office for supporting prices.


The Euroloppet Racer "Training days"

3 days training in Ramsau with Dachstein glacier
and roller skiing track, incl. Overnight-stay / breakfast

EURO 135,-

all information and booking - here

The Euroloppet Racer "Glacier Week"

6 days training in Ramsau with Dachstein glacier
with Glacier gondola, Cross-country skiing card, incl. Overnight-stay / breakfast

EURO 335,-
all information and booking - here

Orderservice: Tickets Dachstein Glacier gondula

  Euroloppet Supporting price regular price
1-day ticket € 32,- € 39,-
2-days ticket € 60,- € 74,50
3-days ticket € 82,- € 104,-
4-days ticket € 104,- € 133,-
5-days ticket € 125,- € 159,50
6-days ticket € 145,- € 186,-
7-days ticket € 165,- € 211,-


Book here



Booking/ Reservation

via Euroloppet Shop -  here.
Login:  Euroloppet Passport n° and Euroloppet data.


Picking up tickets at:

Tourism office Ramsau/ Dachstein
Ramsau 372
8972 Ramsau/ Dachstein (AUT)
Please note the opening hours.

Attention! Please order your tickets at least three days before your arrival!

Information phone +43 3687 818338 or  e-mail:

Tourismusverband Ramsau am Dachstein
Ramsau 372
8972 Ramsau/ Dachstein

+43 3687 818338



Ramsau/ Dachstein (AUT)

The nordic world's eltie and the Euroloppet family are permanent guests in Ramsau/ Dachstein.

Ramsau/ Dachstein is the place, where Olympic Champions and World Champions come to fuel energy and shape. Ramsau/ Dachstein is the best place to strengthen body, spirit and soul!

Best preconditions for all Ski Marathon Runners

Ramsau offers unique conditions for training and the preparation for seasonal highlights.

By a great roller skiing track with a length of 5,6 km, perfect Cross Trails,
an international trainingscenter, a center for sports science of the university of Vienna - department sports and performance physiology, trainings diagnostics can be evaluated locally.

The Dachstein glacier

The island position of Ramsau is to offer the possibility to absolve the first kilometers on snow already in the ned of September/ in the beginning of October at the Dachstein glacier.
Ramsau is unique for all Cross-country skiers in Europe. 

It's the right place for all Euroloppet Racer!

That's the reason why the European Union of Cross-country skiing marathons (EUC) chose Ramsau/ Dachstein fro the official Euroloppet Trainingscenter for Ski Marathon Runners all over Europe.

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