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The Euroloppet Champion Gallery


Congratulations, you're a real Champion by your performance!

On your personal Euroloppet Champion Gallery page, you'll find all your results
which made you a Euroloppet Champion.
Participation in 8 Euroloppet Champion Races within 10 years entitles you as "Euroloppet Champion"

Your Euroloppet Champion Gallery page:

  • Click on your name in the following Euroloppet Champion list.

  • Your Euroloppet Champion Gallery page opens with your results.

  • Du kannst dir deine Urkunde/Diplom ausdrucken.

Upload picture:

  • You can also upload a picture into your Euroloppet Champion Gallery.

    -  maximum size 300 px x 500 px px 

    -  Go to "upload picture"

    -  Login with your Euroloppet Passport N° 

       und and date of birth

    -  upload your picture  


If you have any trouble, the Euroloppet office will help you.


Tel: 0049 (0) 9924 77 00 680

The Euroloppet Champion Gallery

Hier sind alle Euroloppet Champion gelistet, die mindestens 1 x den Titel "Euroloppet Champion" tragen:

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