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The Fischer Ski / Löffler Euroloppet Lottery

- for all Euroloppet Racer, who participate in at least 3 Euroloppet Champion Races in this Winter!

Win this exclusive Fischer Ski and Löffler sportswear Package!

Value more than 1000 €uro !

Your chance is good - only ca. 300 - 400 Euroloppet Racer taking part in the Fischer/ Löffler Euroloppet lottery each year.

Fischer Ski and Löffler sportswear support the Ski Marathon Runners with a top equipment, which will be raffled under all Euroloppet Racers in this season. (Euroloppet Racer = min. 3 Euroloppet Races/Events in one Euroloppet season)

Carbonlite Skate

A proven top performer, the Carbonlite Skate now features Cold Base Bonding, which provides improved wax absorption and base grindability for maximum speed. Optimized for use at 14°F (-10°C) and warmer.

RCS Carbonlite Skate

Featherweight racing boot with World Cup experience: the Carbonlite Skate with new Carbon Heel Counter for enhanced stability. Its World Cup technologies offer the optimum set-up for outstanding achievements. Breathable Triple-F membrane ensures feet stay warm and dry.


Comfort in race use: thanks to new features the RC8 boasts a whole host of technological highlights, with the perfect Cork Grip, the comfortable Quick Fit Strap 2.0 and the easily interchangeable Multi Tip System. For skiers who prefer training to adjusting equipment.


Highly elastic, fast drying, breathable, all-over print, underarm mesh vents, stand-up collar, extra-long front zip, longsleeve, open cuffs and waist, long pants, adjustable waist with draw cord.

 * Product illustrations are only examples and can vary depending on the storage situation.


Three Euroloppet Campion Races this winter ?

-  you're in the Jackpot!



* Conditions of participation Euroloppet Racer lottery - Fischer Ski/ Löffler

All Ski Marathon Runners, who absolved at least three Euroloppet Champion Races in one season and have a valid Euroloppet Passport are liable to participate in this lottery. The European Union of Cross-country Skiing Marathons (EUC) is organizer of the lottery for Euroloppet Passport Holders. The winners will be drawn by the EUC after the winter season.  The winner will be published at the webiste with First Name, Last Name and nationality. The winners will be contacted via post and e-mail. The prices are sports-equipment/ sportswear with a worth of ca. 1.000.- € (depending on model and the actual price list). The worth of the prize is a guideline of ca. 1.000.-€ and can vary depending on product. A compensation to this worth is not possible. The prize cannot be refunded in cash. Legal process is excluded. It's not possible to correspond about the Euroloppet Lottery.
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