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European Ski Marathon Championships 2020

Int. Ganghoferlauf - Leutasch/Seefeld  42 km (F)    Sunday 01. March 2020

French runners dominate the European Ski Marathon Championship 2019

Alicia CHORON and Jean TIBERGHIEN are the European Ski Marathon Champions 2019. In total, 1.500 participants from 16 different countires participated in Bessans at this weekend.

1. Alicia CHORON FRA 02:02:36.0 Std.
2. Karolina BICOVA CZE 02:12:04.6
3. Laure SIMEON FRA 02:27:42.7

1. Jean TIBERGHIEN FRA 01:47:56.9 Std.
2. Loic GUIGONNET FRA 01:48:02.8
3. Benoit CHAUVET FRA 01:48:04.4

The valued race:

42 km F Int. Ganghoferlauf -  42 km (F)  

Sunday, March 1th 2020

The valued races will be held in accordance with the International Competion Rules of the FIS (ICR).



EM single valuation women: 
additional age group valuation (Jun, D21, D31, D36, D41, etc.)

EM single valuation men:
additional age group valuation (Jun, H21, H31, H36, H41, etc.)

EM Team valuation    -   3  Team members
 times of the team members will be added.



„European Ski Marathon Champion“
Precondition – at least 20 women in the overall ranking
„European Ski Marathon Champion“
Precondition – at least 20 men in the overall ranking
„European Ski Marathon Team-Champion“ – Team valuation
Precondition – at least 8 teams in the ranking

Awarding in age groups:
 - Awarding Example: "European Ski Marathon Champion – Age Group Champion H 46
 - Winner of the age group H 46
 - Each age group (5 year graduation) is honored with the ranks 1-3
    with gold-, silver- and bronze-medals


Premiums for the champions:

  • The organizer will provide at least the total amount of 2,000 EURO for the  European Ski Marathon Championships as winning prizes.

  • Division of winner premium ranking is up to the organizer.

  • winner's premium graduation for men and women is the same. 

      Requirment for distributing premiums:

  • single valuation: At least 20 men/ women in the overall ranking

  • team valuation: At least 8 teams in the ranking 


Conditions for participation/ License:

Eligible is every person who has a valid Euroloppet Passport Number.
(Euroloppet Passport = license, valid for 10 years -  once for 10 years 39 Euro)
and is 20 or older on January 01st in the year of the event.

Continental limits are invalid.

Order here your Euroloppet Passpart / Your Euroloppet Passport N°!


categories age group

European Ski Marathon Championships 2020

W/M 21      1999-90     
W/M 31      1989-85     
W/M 36      1984-80     
W/M 41      1979-75   
W/M 46      1974-70   
W/M 51      1969-65     
W/M 56      1964-60    
W/M 61      1959-55     
W/M 66      1954-50   
W/M 71      1949-45    
W/M 76      1944-40     
W/M 81      1939-35


All Information of the Race 

Information for last year's best runners:

Accommodation costs

for the best runners of last year's European Ski Marathon Championships.

The organizer will cover the costs for
2 nights with breakfast for:

  • Men Rank 1 to 3
  • Women Rank 1 to 3
  • Team Rank 1 (4 Persons)




  1. The runners must be registered for the European Ski Marathon championships until November 30th. Even the starting fee must be paid.

  2. The runners must send the names for covering the costs via e-mail tor until December 01st.

        If topic 1 or 2 won't be fullfilled, the claim expires.
        A legal claim is ecluded by this.

Conditions for participation

participant's health condition/ liability/ use of data


Conditions of participation

By registering, the participant accepts legally binding the following conditions of participation, organizer's liability and usage of participant's data for publications and Infromation-services (result lists, Newsletter, Ski Marathon Magazine, Internet, social media, ...).

sports-medicine examination

By registering, the participant accepts the condition to take a sports medicine examination, which allows him to start in the look of health aspects. The certificate must be shown to the OC in English or German language, if demanded.


It's binding to proof an accident-health insurance for participation.

The participant verfies with his/ her registration that he/ she is in a healthy condition to participate in Ski Marathon races and he/ she is not afflicted with sth that limits his/ her sportive activity.
The participant verfies with his/ her registration that he/ she has trained enough for this competition and is in a healthy condition.

 The ambulance keeps the right to take participants out of the race, if he/ she is showing drastic indications of serious health damages

By registering, the participant accepts legally binding the following conditions of organizer's liability.


The European Union of Cross-Country Skiing Marathons and the host/ organizer of races do not assume liability for accidents and damages of participants, functionaries and spectators or other persons during or around the event. Additionally, the respective conditions of participation and liability of the according race is valid.

Usage of participant's data
- - personal rights/ notice for data protection

By registering, the participant accepts that his given data will be stored in a data processing system of the organizer/ host and the European Union of Cross-country Skiing Marathons. He/ she accepts the storage, processing and usage of personal data for organizer's/ host's and association's purposes, according EU GDPR. Particiularly, he/ she accepts by registration to take picutres, movies, videos during and after the event from the participant, as well as use his/ her personal data for result lists, newsletters, Ski Marathon Magazine, publications in the internet, social media, etc. for organizer's/ association's purposes.

Organization: European Union of Cross-country Skiing Marathons (EUC)

Host/ organizer:
OC Marathon de Bessans/ Bessans - France

Information (NO registration):

EUC Office  ∙ Ladestr. 8 ∙ D-94249 Bodenmais
Phone +49 (0) 9924 77 00 680
Fax +49 (0) 9924 77 00 681


Single valuation:

Registration for the European Ski Marathon Championships as single runner

  •  happens directly at the host,

  •  with the registration for the race, which is announced as European Ski Marathon Championship race.

  •  It is absolutely necessary to register with your Euroloppet Passport N°!

  • You can order your Euroloppet Pass here -  and then register for the European Ski Marathon Championships!

No additional fee!
Each participant, who has a valid Euroloppet Passport and registers for the European Ski Marathon Championship race at the hostwill be automatically vauled in the European Ski Marathon Classification (age group and overall ranking)



Registration's deadline for single valuation:

Saturday, February 29th 2020 - in Leutasch/Seefeld 16:00 h

Team registration:

You are registered as a single runner!
Now you can also register with friends, with your club, a team for the Ski Marathon European Championship for free.

  • A team consists of 3 runners
    Times of the three registered runners will be added and make the team time.

  • Teams can be registered as a company’s, club’s or free team.

  • Men and women can be mixed.

  • No national or club limitation

  • Only already registered participants for the single valuation can be registered as team.



Team-Registration - here

Registration's deadline for teams:
Wednesday, February 26th 2020 - only online here - 12:00 h

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