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Danish Ultra

07.04.2020 350km, 66km 13.04.2020
Kerteminde Denmark SWE Schweden
Euroloppet Partner Race What is a Euroloppet Partner Race?

We follow in the trails of our +1000 years of history, starting in the ancient viking era passing dangerous times when privateer Marsk Stig prevailed the territory until present time where the stunning landscape still captivates artists and outdoor enthusiasts from the whole world.

Each step you take is a unique exploration of some of the most challenging and stunning terrains in Denmark. Single loop courses featuring a plethora of single track trails, remote beaches and an adventure of a lifetime

Our journeys out in the wild Funen nature is a celebration of the honor, as FYN being appointed; Best Outdoor Destination 2019 by Scandinavian Outdoor Award in Berlin, Germany.


Endurance Run


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