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KinetiXx supports you as a ski marathon runner


Take part in the Euroloppet-KinetiXx-cross-country skiing glove test!

Registration for this season only until February 28, 2022

Interested ?

Your requirements:


  • Do you have a Euroloppet pass?
  • Are you a cross-country skier and usually ski at least 200 km in winter?

Your task:

  • Test by running with the KinetiXx gloves in training and competition.
  • Fill out the test report and send a photo of you with the gloves to KinetiXx.
    - Grant consent (publication rights to photo / test results)

Your test material:

  • The "Wickie" from KinetiXx
  • Glove size - this is how you determine your optimal size - here

Apply now using the form below:

The world's best in biathlon and cross-country skiing wins with KinetiXx gloves!

Bewerbung - KinetiXx Skilanglaufhandschuh Test / Application – KinetiXx Ski Glove Test

Please make sure that your data is spelled correctly when filling out the form, so that we can contact you if necessary!
Bitte achte beim Ausfüllen auf eine korrekte Schreibweise deiner Daten, damit wir dich bei Bedarf kontaktieren können!

Meine Kontaktdaten / My contact details


The application form is being processed

Please be patient for a few more days

Thank you very much for your understanding


Further information on the Euroloppet KinetiXx cross-country skiing glove test:

KinetiXx and Euroloppet want to support you as a Euroloppet Pass holder with this campaign by giving you, as a tester, a top model of the KinetiXx glove series free of charge.

Applications are open until February 28, 2022.

  • In the first section, the testers who receive the test gloves at the beginning of winter are selected. They then have the opportunity to submit their test evaluation sheet and photos 3 weeks after receiving the test gloves.
  • In the second section, your KinetiXx glove test is linked to participation in a Euroloppet Champion Race.
    You should test your KinetiXx gloves at the Euroloppet Champion Races shown here. It is therefore important that you send your application at least 14 days before the race date.

Please send your application at least 14 days before the race date.

Euroloppet-KinetiXx Test Races: 

19. - 20.02.2022 Gsieser Tal  ITA

05. - 06.03.2022 Ganghoferlauf  AUT

19. - 20.03.2022 Skadi Loppet  GER


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