Date: 05.09.2015 Location: Ilsenburg Route: 26,2 KM 9,70 KM 3,90 KM 1,80 KM

The oldest mountain running in Germany starts in the idyllic town of Ilsenburg at the edge of North resin. About the highest with 1142 m point of the resin, the Brocken, it goes back to Ilsenburg. Runners, love which nature and mountains, should have had the Brocken run in their runners Life Once.

The length of the chunks run is 26.2 km, this is the 12.1 kilometers to the summit of the Brocken 890 vertical meters to climb. Due to the height difference and the weather conditions that are not always pleasant on the Brocken peak, this run is recommended only well-trained runners.

The 1st chunks run was started in 1927. The idea came from Otto Schulze a running enthusiasts Ilsenburger lumberjack. Until 1939 Brocken runs were performed regularly. Erupting Second World War gave the sporting tradition to a temporary end. Many of the athletes who then had to swap with boots their running shoes, lost in the years that followed their lives on the battlefields of Europe.


In 1954, the history of the Brocken runs continued until 1960. In 1961 the soviet chunks Sperrgebiet was and thus the tradition was interrupted for a second time.


After the reunification of Germany the 21.Brockenlauf was conducted in 1990. In 1991 there were a protest run because the chunks run has not been approved for environmental and conservation reasons. Since 1992 there are no more interruptions.

All routes of chunks run are started on the idyllic market square of Ilsenburg. Is run by a small piece of the medieval town, underneath the Ilsenburger castle along. The road which leads to the Brocken, is now called Heinrich Heine way there the poet Heine was worth to describe this path in its Harz travel.

Even today, the Ilsetal with the rushing Ilse one of the most beautiful valleys in the Harz Mountains. After nine kilometers you have the Ilsetal leave for a while and in the last four kilometers to the Brocken summit in good weather great views in the Harz foreland. Very few runners on these last few kilometers because inclinations of over 20 percent can be managed.


Even better is the feeling when you reach the Brocken peak. Downhill it goes along on the covert Ilse, which you can hear noise only with great granite blocks until it shows up again on the Ilse cases.

Record holder in the 26.2 km route are Anja Carlsohn in 1:52:17 h (2005) and Andre Sommer in 1:35:06 (2001). Thomas Kuhlmann, winner of 2014 made it with a time of 1:38:33 for over 10 years under 1:40:00 hours to run. Winner in 2014 was Luisa Merkel.

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