Bomarsund Trailrun

Date: 05.08.2017 Location: Bomarsund, Åland Islands Route: 12km, 4,5km

Third edition of Bomarsund Trailrun - Åland Islands only trailrun race along the trails in the historic Bomarsund!

Choose LONG which is about 12km or SHORT which is about 4,5km.


The terrain during the first part of the LONG-distance consists mostly of small roads and paths in beautiful cultural landscape with two short mountain passes. During the second part of the LONG-distande, at the same time the whole SHORT-distance, its more uneven terrain, relatively steep slopes and even an approximately 35m long staircase. Along the routes, participants also take part of the beautiful and mighty views of the waters surrounding the Bomarsund.


Bomarsund Trailrun offers a historical experience when the participants run past historic buildings, through several graveyards from the past and pass all the turrets (or the ruins of them) built around the fortress area.

The environment can not be described but must be experienced.

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