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11.02.2022 Kristinaloppet 30 km CT (Ladies) / Engelbrektsloppet45 45 km CT / Engelbrektshalven 30 km CT 13.02.2022 Engelbrektsloppet-60 km CT
Norberg SWE SWE

European Ski Marathon Championships 22

Engelbrektsloppet 60 km  C 


Friday Engelbrektsstafetten (3 x 10 km CT) 13.00 am
Saturday Kristinaloppet (30 km CT women) 10.00 am
  Engelbrektsloppet 45 (45 km CT) 11.00 am
  Engelbrektsloppet 30 (30 km CT) 11.00 am
Sunday Engelbrektsloppet 60 (60 km CT) / European Ski Marathon Championships 22 10.00 am


Track profile

  • Even the start at Engelbrektsloppet is unique. In the middle of the center of the small town Norberg in central Sweden, all distances of the Engelbrektsloppet are started
  • The city center is being converted into a ski arena. The finish line is also directly in Norberg.
  • The trails lead out of Norberg in the Swedish forests, on slightly hilly, winding, beautiful cross-country skiing terrain, frequently past beautiful lakes. 
  • However, individual mountain ranges have to be crossed with one or the other steep ascent. At the Engelbrektsloppet track you will find exactly what a cross-country skier wants
  • If necessary, the tracks with three slopes next to each other can be completely covered with artificial snow


  • The second largest ski marathon race in Sweden after the Vasaloppet, the Engelbrektsloppet, invites you to experience a traditional Swedish cross-country skiing race.
  • In the small, middle Swedish former miner city Norberg (about 6000 inhabitants), about 150 km north of Stockholm, everything revolves around the Engelbrektsloppet in February. The race is named after the freedom fighter "Engelbrecht".
  • The start and finish is right in the center of Norberg, which creates a very special atmosphere 
  • On Friday the Engelbrektswochenende will be opened with a relay race and a sprint.
    On Saturday, the ladies are the focus. At the Kristinaloppet over 30 km only women are allowed to go to the start and this is used every year by up to 1000 cross-country skiers. The men can start at 45 km. The main race, the Engelbrektsloppet over 60 km starts on Sunday in two rounds à 30 km. In total, every year 4000 cross-country skiers participate.
  • The Engelbrektsloppet is also so popular because it is considered as a qualifying race for the starting row classification at the Vasaloppet.

Travel Information

Euroloppet travel tip for runners from Central Europe:

  • Norberg is located about 150 km from Stockholm Arlanda International Airport (about 2 hours by car. (Route planner)
    - The center of Stockholm is 40 km from Stockholm Airport (ARN).
  • EUROLOPPET  TIP:  A rental car offers a lot of flexibility and is cheapest in a group (from 2-4 pers.). 
     Pick-up and return take place directly at the airport (car rental from approx. 110 € -140 € for 4 days).
     Since the hotels and accommodations are usually located a bit away from Norberg, a rental car is not a problem. 

     If you arrive on Thursday or Friday, a Stockholm trip can be included.  Experience has shown that the best way to return is on Monday. 

     It is also possible to arrive on Friday, to complete the 30km/45km on Saturday or 60km on Sunday and to book the return flight on Sunday.

Here you can check your flight connection.

Look out! Book flights and accommodation in advance.

Arrival by car

Arrival by plane

Airport: Stockholm Arlanda

Special Travel Offers

Hotel & Hostels  &  Privat acommodation

The Engelbrektsloppet offers many accommodations in the region around the race. 
Highly recommended are the private accommodations. 

Here you will find a large choice: 



Tourist information in Frida Hansdotter Arena
Fagerstavägen 16, 738 32 Norberg
opening hours :

Tuesday - Sunday at. 10.00 am til 05.00 pm
phone: 0223-291 30 oder 0223-290 30

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