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Swiss Irontrail

06.08.2022 14.2 km (T14); 43.6 km (T44)
Savognin SUI Schweiz
Euroloppet Partner Race What is a Euroloppet Partner Race?

On 6th August, 2022 the new Irontrail will take place in the Val Surses Savognin Bivio area. Be sure to reserve this date. It is worth it as you get the ultimate opportunity to experience the largest nature park in Switzerland with your passion, trail running.


Trail Running in the Parc Ela, the largest nature park in Switzerland

An unmistakable and unique trailing experience in the vicinity of steep mountain peaks, open landscapes, glaciers and mountain lakes – in the heart of Graubünden, the Savognin / Bivio area. The Irontrail will be held for the first time in Val Surses on 6th August, 2022. A pearl for nature, mountain and trail lovers.


Swiss Irontrail
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7000 Chur
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