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The Euroloppet Winter 2020 - Sun, Snow and Frost

Sun, Snow and Frost bring a smile on Ski Marathon Runner Faces in many winter sports regions all over Europe.

Your Euroloppet winter has just begun!


Use now the following offer:

Euroloppet Passport offer:

The Finnish wax specialist START supports every Ski Marathon runner,

who orders a Euroloppet Passport 

until December 24th (24:00 hrs),

with a START Highflour glide wax with a worth of 54 EURO.


  • The START HF 6  is the perfect wax for temperatures between -2°C and -8°C. 
  • Additionally, you'll get the Euroloppet PAC (multifunctional scarf) with a worth of 16,96 EURO and several shopping vouchers ( e.g. Sport Ski Willy and Sport Albert).  


Who calculates, buys now a Euroloppet Passport!


Here you can find all information about the Euroloppet Passport

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