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The SUBARU - Euroloppet Supporting Program

- exclusively for Euroloppet Passport Holders

Special Offer "Euroloppet Returns"

- this is about SUBARU cars coming back from the Euroloppet support program

Subaru Forester 2.0X Exclusive, 18er Modell, AHK

EZ 01/2018                                         23.585 km
Benzin,(E 10-geeignet)                      110 kw (150 PS)
Schaltgetriebe                                    HU 01/2021
Hubraum 1995 cm³                            Anzahl Sitzplätze: 5
Anzahl der Türen: 4/5                        Euro6

1. Hand + Tageszulassung, Top-Zustand, unfallfrei, Werksgarantie bis 01/12023 oder 160 000 km, Inzahlungnahme möglich, Sonderfinanzierung ab 1,99 % auch ohne Anzahlung, Starre Anhängekupplung, Plastikstoßstangenabdeckung, 1 I "Modell, 17" Aluräder, Multifunktionslenkrad (Tempomat, Telefon, Radio), Dachspoiler, Dachreling, LED-Scheinwerfer mit Kurvenlicht, LED Tagfahrlicht, Nebelscheinwerfer, Licht-u. Regensensor, Panoramaglasschiebedach,

Preis: 25.900 € 


phone: +49 (0)9941/9414-14


(Please note your Euroloppet Passport N° + Last Name, Name, Year of birth)

The SUBARU Supporting Program - Special

- the new car program, exclusively for Euroloppet Passport Holders

All Euroloppet Passport Holders, who wants to have the advanages of a perfect winter and outdoor SUBARU car and want to save financial advantages will profit from the SUBARU Euroloppet Supporting Program "Special".

In Cooperation with SUBARU Auto Gogeißl (main sponsor of SUBARU Skadi Loppet -  Bodenmais Germany) Euroloppet created a cheap, flexible and on Ski Marathon Runners' needs adjusted solution of mobility for one season resp. 12 months.

Drive a new car every year and profit from the cheap Euroloppet-flatrate.

The Euroloppet - SUBARU Special Flatrate from 319 EURO:

Easy calculable

  • Incl. tax and insurance
  • 12 months contract period

Example:  Euroloppet - SUBARU XV 1.6i DOHC CVT
motorization: 84 KW (114 HP)
consumption, combined: 6,4l /100km (manufacturer's data)
CO2-emissions: 145g/km (manufacturer's data)
minimum configuration: Alu rims,
A/C auto, seat heating, fog light, ESP, ABS,
4-wheel drive permanent, audiosystem,


monthly flatrate:  from Euro 319 (incl VAT)
- with 15.000 km/ year

  • monthly flatrate inclusive tax and insurance
  • customer service with personal assistance and quick processing
  • 12-months contract with high planning reliability by maximum flexibility
  • Incl. transfer and admission costs
  • yearly option for a new car
  • incl. VAT
  • No deposit and residual value payment

further SUBARU models, e.g. Forester, Levorg, Outback, on demand

request without obligation:


phone: +49 (0)9941/9414-14

(Please note your Euroloppet Passport N° + Last Name, Name, Year of birth) 

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