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Current information - as of February 22, 2021





The following Euroloppet Champion Races have to be canceled in 2021:

- European Ski Marathon Championship 02/14/2021 postponed to 02/13 2022 - Norberg / Sweden

- Marathon de Bessans / FRA    01 / 09 -10 / 2021 

- Tour de Ramsau / AUT    01 / 15.-17 / 2021  

- Gommerlauf / SUI 02 / 27.-28./ 2021

- Ganhoferlauf  AUT 03 / 06-07 / 2021 

- Gsieser Tal Lauf ITA  

- Jyväskylä Skimarathon FIN 03 / 13 / 2021  

- Skadi Loppet GER  03 / 20 - 21/ 2021 

- Vuokatti Hiihto FIN 03 / 20 / 2021  - alternative Vuokatti Hiihto-Special

-  7-Mila / SWE 

Biela Stopa SVK - Home Edition 24 km F   

March 02 / 27  -   03 / 14 2021

Due to pandemic circumstances, the organizing committee of the “Biela stopa 2021“ decided to organize a virtual race, where each participant of this event will run solo and measure the time of the run through own smart watch or smartphone.
We believe that you will also welcome this form of “Biela stopa 2021” event.
Foreign competitors have the opportunity to participate in virtual races on any 24 km track in the range of 16 days in the period from 27. 2. to 14.3.2021 after following instructions:

1. online registration 
2. pay a handling fee of € 10.
3. Run a 24km freestyle, using a smart watch or a mobile application (for example, FOOD, Garmin Connect, that supports export of GPX or TCX files.
4. Send the record of run by e-mail till 18.3.2021 to the address: .
IMPORTANT: Euroloppet passport holders can enter their passport number so that the Champion Race can be counted.
5. The results of the race will be published on the website after 21.3.2021, each competitor can print a diploma - a certificate of completion of the race.
6. All participating competitors will be included into a lottery for valuable prizes in the form of a raffle.
With this alternative form of “Biela stopa” we would like to keep up continuity of the race with a 47-year tradition.
We are looking for the future with hope. 
„Biela stopa” Organizing Committee 2021

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The 38th Gsiesertal Lauf 2021 has been postponed to March 06/07. The 30/42 km Classic will take place on Saturday, March 6th, the 28th Mini-Gsieser on Saturday afternoon and the 30/42 km of skating on Sunday, March 7th. In addition, the “Just for Fun” (enjoyment group without rating) takes place on both days.

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Jyväskylä-Skimarathon  FIN   03/13/2021

The organization of the Jyväskylä Ski Marathon will continue as planned. Today's corona situation enables us to organize the event according to the safety instructions from the government and local authorities. We will follow the development of the Covid-19 situation and work with the officials. The latest information will be updated on our website.
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Euroloppet Champion Races in Corona times

Dear Euroloppet friends,

Probably all of us, you runners, the organizers of the Euroloppet Champion Races and us at the European Ski Marathon Association, as the umbrella organization of Euroloppet, are facing a difficult winter.

We would like to give you some information here on how the events of the Euroloppet Champion Races in winter 2021 might look like.

  • Basically, of course, everything depends on the location and the current level of corona infection at the time of the event.
  • You can be assured that all Euroloppet Champion Races have dealt intensively with the situation together and will do everything possible to offer you the Euroloppet events.

First of all, all Euroloppet Champion Races plan with the normal event schedule

-  but

Which requirements of the approval authorities do we have to adjust to?


In the following we try to show you some situations that could await you:

The general hygiene standards apply - what could that look like:

  • Maintain a safety distance of 1.5 m (without skis) - during the entire event!
  • The organizer must avoid gatherings of people by means of control!
    (Pick-up of bib numbers, access to the start, etc.)
  • Wear a mask everywhere except when running
  • Mask when accessing the start - starting grid -
    at the finish and on the way out of the stadium



  • Starting grid with skis


  • Start
  • No spectators
  • Access to the start and trails
  • Supervisors / service people - registration in advance

Registration - bib pick-up

  • Online registration only
  • Start numbers

Catering - other

  • Route catering
  • Target catering
  • Food after the race
    - No communal catering


  • No changing and shower facilities
  • Award ceremonies

The organizer must put in place suitable technical measures to prevent several participants from coming together in a confined space.
For example, by waiting lines, locks, entrance and exit spatially separated, limited number of people at the entrance, or the like.

Basically it can be assumed that there may be participant limitations!

It is possible that a mask is required during the event (from arrival to departure).
One possibility: Each participant wears a Euroloppet PAC / scarf as a mask. Even at the start entrance!
"Unmasking" shortly before the start - after crossing the finish line, PAC masks are again required - pull up PAC.

Distance laterally due to the track width approx. 1.00 m
Distance one after the other about 1.00 m from the ski to the person in front

- If possible, wave starts / starting blocks / 
  Participant limitation

- Different rules in each country

Admission controls - access to the start / finish area only with a start number

Access to the start / finish area only with accreditation

- There will probably be no late registration on site
   Because of the requirements, it will in the rarest of cases
   Submit late registrations on site.

- Picking up the start number on site will be difficult.
   Sending by post may become standard.

- Whether there will be food on the route depends on the local licensing authorities.

- It can be assumed that there are none
   Can give target catering.

- It can also be assumed that there is a
   Communal catering cannot be given!
   Some organizers will be attendees with Meal/value
   vouchers in local restaurants feed.

- Showers / changing rooms depend on the location.

- Whether there will be an award ceremony is open.
  If so, then in large squares with mask and space!

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