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European Union of Cross country Skiing Marathons e.V.
Europäischer Skimarathon Verband e.V.
94249 Bodenmais / Germany

Tel. +49 (0) 9924 77 00 680




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The website was created by the company Aktivweb GmbH. We're open and thankful for proposals as well as for contructive critics and notices on mistakes.

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The publisher doesn't guarantee the availability, corectness, completeness or quality of the provided information in this website. All information were checked exactly and are based on the given state. We change and expand our service permanently. To get the latest information, please refresh your browser and clean up your cache, if necessary. All links to external webistes were checked about their corectness when adopting them. Because of the constant change of the internet, the publisher cannot guarantee if the links guides you to the same site or have the same content than in time of adoption. The publisher keeps the right explicit to change parts or the whole website, to change, to add, to delete or stop publishing temporary or permanently without announcement.

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The internet works as a peripheral networkunit with intermediate storage and repeating temporary data. A guarantee for exclusion of manipulation, for accidentally falsify and guarantee for the usage of actual data (e.g. old version in cache) on the way between the provider and user cannot be given. We notice on those system-caused limitations as followed:

You'll receive data under the conditions of the internet. We cannot guarntee the corectness and the accordance of the given information with the origin data.

With the veridct from May 12th 1998, the Country Court Hamburg deicded, that the publisher is responsible in parts for the contents of a linked website when he links it. This can only be prevented by a explicit stand-off of those contents. The following is valid for all links:

We emphasize, that we don't have any influence on contents and layout of the linked pages. Because of this, we stand-off explicit of all contents on linked pages. We don't acquire the contents of those websites. This statement is valid for all linked websites  and for contents of all pages the placed links guide. This statement is also valid for all contents of pages, where linked banners and continuative links guide.

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If parts of this terms of usage resp. the disclaimer don't correspond, don't correspond anymore or don't correspond in parts, the other parts of this terms of usage/ disclaimer don't loose their validity.

If you send us an e-Mail, your e-Mail address will only be used for correspondence with you. Because of the known risks, you should not send any sensible information vei e-Mail.


If personal data will be imposed, processed or used, the publisher of this website acts according to the German Teledienstedatenschutzgesetzes (TDDSG) as well as additional general dataprotecting-law notices.
If the possibility is given to enter personal or business data (e.g. name, address, phone number, e-Mail-address), we come from that naming personal data is willing.

Transferring data in the internet is not completly safe. Because of this, we cannot exclude that a third party catches or changes any data. In cases of special confidentality, we recommend you not use this way of transferring data.

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