Silvini Skiroll Classics - Velké Karlovice I.

Date: 11.07.2015 Location: Velké Karlovice Route: 7,5 CT

Organizer: Velké Karlovice

Start: at 14:00 in Nový Hrozenkov - individual start in 30 second intervals

Speed premie: none

Finish: Kohútka - border crossing CZ/SK

Race Distance: 7,5 km

Ceremony: Velké Karlovice

Refreshment: in finish - tea and biscuits

Prizes: for first 3 racers

Base for Racers: Velké Karlovice


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Silvini Skiroll Classics is a series of races on roller skis which are characterized by a significant high hill - a classic technique - excellent performances of the best profesional cross-country skiers and amateurs as well. The races take place during weekend blocks in different parts of the Czech Republic - the goal is to learn more about particular regions under the motto: The whole family goes for sport! You can explore a new area without long travelling.

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