Race for the Cup of Krušlov Honey

Date: 22.08.2015 Location: South Bohemia, 50km from the state border (CZE / GER, Stražný / Philippsreut) Route: 6, 12, 18, 24 km, FT

Roller Ski Race with individual starts (start at 20-second interval). Not only for adults, but also for kids. Kids up to 10 years and up to 12 years on roller skates without poles (1,5km and 3 km). Since 13 years up to adults on roller skis, freestyle. Since 16 years everybody run on uniform roller skis from SWIX (ensured by race organizator, skis are totally new). Czech XC SKI national teams will participate the race (juniors, adults). Propositions are at our website

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