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Date: 28.01.2017 - 29.01.2017 Location: Kremnica Route: 25 km / 45 km FT
30 km CT

The historical mining city is located in the middle of the mountains of Kremnica (Kremnické vrchy), where gold was already mined in the 11th century. The city was mentioned in 1328 for the first time. In 1329 the first silver coins were produced. Later they also produced ducats of gold. The ducats of Kremnica were the best known and most popular coins in Europe. The center is dominated by the castle with a doubled wall and the oldest monument – the roman rotunda of the 13th century. The central building is the gothic church St. Katharina from the 15th century. Only parts of the city wall from the 14th century are remained. The parts show the the red and black bastion and the lower door. Directly at the town market is the baroque trinity column from the 18th century. Other sights of the place are gothic and renaissance houses, the gothic town hall from the 15th century and the Francisacan church with a monastery of the 17th century.

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