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The Euroloppet Passport

What is Euroloppet?

Euroloppet is one of the biggest Ski Marathon series in the world and unties the TOP Ski Marathon events in Europe for all Ski Marathon Runners.


Even top events in roller skiing, bike, trailrunning or other interessting summer sports for Ski Marahton Runners will be also part of Euroloppet series in future.

The task of the European Union of Cross-country skiing marathons - the umbrella organization of Euroloppet - is next to offering high-quality evetns, supporting all Ski Marathon Runners and outdoor sportsmen and -women with a special Supporting Program.

The Euroloppet Passport is your access to the big Euroloppet family.

Euroloppet supports all Euroloppet Passport Holders with various advantages and services, offers and actions.
For example, every Euroloppet Passport Holder gets a starting bib for the at least 2nd starting block and a disocunt on starting fees up to 20% at all Euroloppet Champion Races.



Your advantages as Euroloppet Passport Holder

2nd starting block for Euroloppet Passport Holders

  • Each Euroloppet Passport Holder gets a starting bib at least in the second starting block at all Euroloppet Champion Races.
  • No matter when you're registering, no matter which results you have had in the past
    – you will start always at least in the 2nd starting block.
    You will have this promise from all Euroloppet Champion Race organizers.
  • This service is exclusively for Euroloppet Passport Holders.

20% starting fee discount for Euroloppet Passport Holders

Euroloppet Passport Holders get a starting fee discount of 20% at each Euroloppet Champion Race.

The minimum fee:

  • The lowest published starting fee (step 1) won't be undercut.

The Euroloppet Passport advantage:

  • Starting fee's final step, which is published by the organizer, is for Euroloppet Passport Holders at least 20% lower than for participants without Euroloppet Passport.
  • The Euroloppet Champion Race organizer can charge an administrative fee for local late registrations due to additional expenses.
    This administration fee must be paid additionally to the starting fee by all participants, who register locally.

Your welcome present

As a welcome,

as a new member of the Euroloppet Family you will also receive the Euroloppet PAC with your Euroloppet Pass, which protects your neck or head from cool and hot temperatures.

Order your Euroloppet Passport


Your advantages - once 39.- € (Passport is valid for 5 years)

You use your advantages - for 5 years!
If you can add up, you have a Euroloppet Passport!

Order now your Euroloppet Passport  -  here

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