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The Euroloppet Trainingsprogram 2018

As Euroloppet Passport Holder you will be supported at all your training activities in the Euroloppet Supporting Program.

Orderservice: Tickets Dachstein Glacier gondola

- special prices only for Euroloppet Passport Holders

Training camps offers

"Special Euroloppet Training Days" in Ramsau at the Dachstein Glacier

The "Special Euroloppet Training Days"

Exclusive only for Euroloppet Passport Holders

It's an offer to use Ramsau/ Dachstein from summer until December. The roller ski track with a length of 5.6 km offers best conditions for training. If the snow conditions are good, even already in August snow training is included in this package. From the end of September to December, there are usually good conditions on the Dachstein Glacier.

Euroloppet Supporting offer

included services:

  • 2 overnight stays with breakfast incl. summer card
  • 1x up and downhill drive and cross-country skiing training at the Dachstein Glacier*
  • free usage of the roller ski track
  • 1 Sport Ski Willy Water Bottle and Cap
    Pick up at Sport Ski Willy Schildlehen, please show your removal order.


Only bookable for Euroloppet Passport holders: 135,- €.
(Without Euroloppet Passport: € 155,-)

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*one-time usage during your stay, a pre reservation for up- and downhill drive with the gondola is necessary, closing of the tracks in the summer season (July & August) is possible due to weather conditions.

Bookable until December 2nd 2018.
Attention! please book at least 3 days before arrival.

Additional days possible. Requests under +43 3687 818338 or 

The Euroloppet "Glacier Week"

from € 351.- bookable until December 2nd 2018.

Six days in the Official Euroloppet Trainingscenter Ramsau/ Dachstein at the Dachstein Glacier with individual preparation for the winter. Share the tracks at the Dachstein Glacier with runners from variuos national squads. Overnight-stay with breakfast and the daily Glacier Gondola ticket are included.


  • 5 overnight stays including breakfast
  • 5 days Dachstein Glacier Gondola Ticket
  • 5 days cross-country skiing at the Dachstein Glacier
  • 1 Sport Ski Willy Bottle and Cap
    Pick up at Sport Ski Willy Schildlehen, please show your removal order


for Euroloppet Passport Holders € 355,-.
(Without Euroloppet Passport: from € 385,-)

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Attention! Please book at least 3 days before arrival.
Bookable until 2. December 2018

Information about all offers:

Tourism Office Ramsau/ Dachstein
Ramsau 372
8972 Ramsau/ Dachstein

+43 3687 818338

Orderservice: Tickets Dachstein Glacier gondola

- special prices only for Euroloppet Passport Holders

1- Day ticket€ 32,-€ 39,-
2- Days ticket€ 60,-€ 74,50
3- Days ticket€ 82,-€ 104,50
4- Days ticket€ 104,-€ 133,-
5- Days ticket€ 125,-€ 159,50
6- Days ticket€ 145,-€ 186,-
7- Days ticket€ 165,-€ 211,-


is only possible for you as Euroloppet Passport Holder - here

Tourism Office Ramsau/ Dachstein
Ramsau 372
8972 Ramsau/ Dachstein

Phone: +43 3687 818338

Ramsau/ Dachstein (AUT) - Euroloppet Trainingscenter



Ramsau/ Dachstein is the place, where Olympic Champions and World Champions come to fuel energy and shape. Ramsau/ Dachstein is the best place to strengthen body, spirit and soul!
The nordic world elite is a permanent guest in Ramsau/ Dachstein.

It's the right place for all Euroloppet Racers!

That's the reason why the European Union of Cross-country skiing marathons (EUC) chose Ramsau/ Dachstein fro the official Euroloppet Trainingscenter for Ski Marathon Runners all over Europe.

Best conditions for all Ski Marathon runners

Ramsau offers unique conditions for training and the preparation for seasonal highlights. By a great roller skiing track with a length of 5,6 km, perfect Cross Trails, an international trainingscenter, a center for sports science of the university of Vienna - department sports and performance physiology, trainings diagnostics can be evaluated locally.
But as well, the island position is to offer the possibility to absolve the first kilometers on snow already in the ned of September/ in the beginning of October at the Dachstein glacier. By this, Ramsau is unique for all Cross-country skiers in Europe.

Ramsau/ Dachstein - the Euroloppet Racer and the nordic world elite are guest

The sun plateau is an eldorado for cross-country skiers and sportsmen and -women. The climate of the plateau with an altitude of 1.100 m - 1.300 m above sea level, is perfect for being active. Within 20 mins you can reach the Dachstein glacier with its 2.700 m above sea level , where cross-country skiers can find perfect condtions nearly the whole year. This is the reason, why the whole nordic world elite (Biathlon, Cross-country skiing and Nordic Combined) meets in Ramsau in autumn for training.
The 220 km long net of cross-country tracks in Ramsau / Dachstein, which covers each class of difficulty, offers best condtions for "Enjoying-Runners" and Top-Athletes. Point of origin for nordic sports is the World Championships stadium in Ramsau with an own Test-Center. By one of the most snow covered regions for nordic sports in the alps and active snow management, the snow first snow kilometers can be absolved in the village on November 01st.