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Back to the roots - for the sake of the environment

A look at the history of the development of START glide waxes

START has had fluorine-free glide waxes in its range since the 1980s. At that time only soft paraphins were used, which brought very good results in rather warm snow conditions. At cold temperatures, however, the sliding properties were not entirely satisfactory.

START Company founder Jukka Järvinen also began developing harder paraphin waxes for cold areas at this time. There was a great need here, especially in alpine skiing and jumping. As a result of the developments by Jukka Järvinen, the legendary “Start Green Glider” was born. This product is still almost unchanged in the Start product range today.

In cross-country skiing, with the development of the skating technique, glide waxes came more and more to the fore. With the development of fluorine waxes, a new era began in cross-country skiing. From amateur athletes to world cup runners, everyone ironed and vaporizes, polished and brushed without worrying too much about the disadvantages of the waxes in relation to the ingredients.

When the European Union drastically limited the amount of fluorine for wax manufacturers in 2019 and the International Ski Federation FIS 2020 tried to ban fluorine waxes in ski competitions, the issue of fluorine-free glide waxes came to the fore.

START already has a complete range of fluorine-free glide waxes in its range.
This line is made from the best paraphin materials available on the market. Most gliders are also available in liquid form. Only glide waxes for the coldest temperatures are not produced as liquid waxes. All START liquid gliders are alcohol-based instead of harmful gasoline-based solvents.

The START fluorine-free glide waxes can be processed just as easily with the iron as conventional glide waxes. Liquid gliders are spread over the sliding zones with the sponge on the bottle. Let it dry for a few minutes and then iron or cork, then brush and polish. The results of the fluorine-free START Glider are more than positive. In cold conditions, there is even a clear advantage over the previous waxes.

Let us remember our responsibility to nature and the environment. START fluorine-free waxes not only offer us the alternative, but also many advantages.


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