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The subject of fluorine waxes - how do I deal with them?

I. The legal situation
In the EU regulation 2019/1021 ("POP regulation") and the EC regulation 1907/2006 ("REACH" regulation), which regulate the handling of fluorinated waxes, it has been stipulated since 2019 that all products (including ski waxes ) that contain C8 fluorocarbons / PFOA are prohibited.
All wax manufacturers in Europe must adhere to these regulations. This means that all waxes that were produced after this regulation came into force and will no longer contain C8 fluorocarbons / PFOA. However, there are still fluorine waxes with other fluorocarbons that are still permitted and may be processed.
The FIS (International Ski Federation) has banned all products containing C8 fluorocarbons / PFOA at all FIS events from the 2021/2022 season.

II. The human and ethical consideration
In view of the health risks associated with processing fluorine waxes for each individual user and the environmental concerns associated with fluorine waxes, the European Ski Marathon Association fully shares the FIS approach.
The International Ski Federation continues to advocate the introduction of a complete fluorine ban and the development of test methods to ensure fluorine-free competitions in the future. It will be some time before that happens.

III. How do I deal with the situation?
The participants in ski marathon races in the popular sports area must act on their own responsibility. Every athlete already has the option of using 100% fluorine-free waxes.
The question of whether I think future-oriented and make a contribution to the environment with fluorine-free waxes on my skis, everyone has to ask themselves.

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