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The new cycling gloves collection by KinetiXx

The new models impress with design, function and technology

Whether in training sessions, in competitions or in leisure time, cycling is not only environmentally friendly, but also good for your health.  The trend continues, and more and more people are using the bike as a means of transportation or sports equipment. 

The glove manufacturer KinetiXx Sports meets the demands of design, function and quality with its new bicycle collection and develops high-quality bicycle gloves for different disciplines.
Based on the know-how from 90 years of glove production and the very successful winter sports collection, KinetiXx developed the new bike collection and tested by Athlet:innen.

Fully equipped with features and technology

In order to protect the palms of the hand from fatigue, especially on uneven terrain, the new KinetiXx cycling glove collection incorporates various cushioning systems for the palms of the hand. On the one hand it consists of soft, high-quality foam with high springback elasticity and on the other hand Power Gel with very good damping properties.
Some models of the Active Pro series have integrated the special XRD® technology in the palm. The thin poron cushioning made of highly breathable high-tech foam impresses with its extremely high cushioning properties. In addition, high-quality mesh materials are used in all bicycle gloves, which ensure a very good air permeability and a perfect fit due to their elasticity.
Particularly outstanding is the specially developed, tanning Sun+ material, which lets the UV rays through on the hand and thus ensures the right tan. Furthermore, practical pull-out aids with flaps on middle and ring fingers ensure an easy pull-out of the glove, despite the short fingers. All long-finger gloves are also equipped with touchscreen technology.

New models

For performance-oriented bikers there is the ultra-light top bike model from KinetiXx  LINUS .  The upper hand of the ergonomic cycling glove consists of a continuous, wafer-thin mesh that demanding riders hardly feel even at high levels of activity. For a sleek fit, the cycling glove is cut slightly longer over the wrist. 
The highly shock-absorbing poron padding, which fits ergonomically into the palm, cushions shocks perfectly on uneven ground.  A silicone print on the upholstery also provides optimal handlebar grip.  Reflective elements for good visibility as well as a soft Wiper material on the thumb complement the glove.  With the Easy Pull Out System on the middle and ring fingers, the glove can be removed quickly and easily.  The cycling glove Linus thus offers an absolute pro model for all enthusiastic cyclists.

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