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There are many ways to cross the highest mountain range in Europe with your own muscle power.  Whether in summer by bike, on foot – or in winter on skis.  For many athletes, the experience in the outdoors is in the foreground.  It is often about pursuing one’s own goals and reaching one’s own limits. 

However, it is always about conscious experience in nature:
To observe instead of overlook, to experience instead of consume, to listen instead of noise.
All of this inspired Löffler in the development of the new Summer Collection 2021.  Elements and details can be found in the colour selection as well as in the design language – inspired by nature.  From discreetly placed miniprints reminiscent of fresh dew drops to clear lines, hinting at rugged rock layers or imposing mountain massifs.
With this approach, LÖFFLER offers multi-sport clothing for endurance athletes with different demands.


Feel the fresh wind on your face during sporty rides and enjoy every ray of sunshine on your skin.  Ambitious bikers are allowed to sweat.  And that’s when it comes  Less is more.  Lightest fabrics and function convince all along the line.

hotBOND® reflective is the further development of the exclusively developed hotBOND® technology:  Reflective points on the ultra-flat, elastic welded joints for cycling wear with perfect fit!  Thanks to a special processing technique, these connection points reflect when irradiated.

Responsibly knitted

All substances for LÖFFLER Bike jerseys are knitted in the in-house knitting shop in Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria. A sign that outstanding quality and function can be reconciled with a sense of responsibility and fairness.

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