Karlovska 50

Date: 28.01.2017 Location: Velké Karlovice Route: 50 km, 25 km, 10 km

Velke Karlovice boasts a unique atmosphere and an incomparable cross country race track. Ski through the picturesque Wallachian valley and its surroundings on either the fifty,the twenty five and the ten kilometer routes. The event starts on the horseracing track then crosses the railway line to the ski slopes. The attractiveness of the route is enhanced by the romantic setting of open plains interspersed with fruit trees and Wallachian cottages.

Contact / Infos

ContactObec Velké Karlovice
Velké Karlovice 1
756 06

Naděžda Válková
tel. 571 422 424, 571 444 260
e-mail: velkekarlovice@volny.cz