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Do you have a Euroloppet passport and know friends

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Collect free starts for your Euroloppet winter!

Friends recruit friends
for the Euroloppet Pass!


  • If a friend of yours enters your Euroloppet pass number when ordering his Euroloppet Pass, you will get a free start in a Euroloppet Champion Race this winter!
  • In addition, your friend will receive a START HF wax worth around € 55
  • Of course, the Euroloppet Pass also includes the Euroloppet PAC (scarf and mask) worth 16.90 euros as a welcome gift


The message is clear to your friend:
"If you can calculate, get your Euroloppet pass now!"

The message for you:
"It's that easy to get your Euroloppet Champion Race freestart!


Order the Euroloppet Pass here

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