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What is a Euroloppet Partner Race ?

The first it must be clarified that it is

Euroloppet Champion Races where the Euroloppet Pass holders can benefit from many advantages.
These races count for the Euroloppet Racer and for the Euroloppet Champion classification.


Then there are Euroloppet Partner Races

The European Ski Marathon Federation,
the European Union of Cross-Country Skiing Marathons (EUC), wants to give all ski marathon runners, all interested cross-country skiers the opportunity to orient themselves worldwide, which ski marathon events there are.

For this purpose, the EUC created a worldwide SKI MARATHON CALENDAR,
where all organizers of cross-country skiing events can register their event free of charge.
You create a Euroloppet Partner Race account and have the possibility to use the worldwide advertisement for your race.

These races are Euroloppet Partner Race !
Sometimes Euroloppet Partner Races also give advantages to Euroloppet Passport holders during their races, but this is not mandatory.



From ski marathon runners  - 

- made for cross-country skiers

- made for event organizers

- made for you!

- made for a solidary cross-country skiing world

  • With this project Euroloppet Partner Race the EUC wants to support the many organizers worldwide who offer good events to the athletes.
  • A unique service is created for you as an athlete. An overview and information portal about interesting events in your sport worldwide.
  • The project acts as a kind of self-help organisation for organisers of Ski marathon races, for cross-country skiers, which are mainly aimed at popular sports.
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