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Karelia Ski Fest Russialoppet

22.02.2020 50/25/10/3 km FT
Petrozavodsk RUS Russland
Euroloppet Partner Race What is a Euroloppet Partner Race?

Karelia has always been famous for its ski traditions and Karelia has own ski marathon. "Fontany" is the most massive ski start of Karelia and is the main event of the KareliaSkiFest, which has attracted more and more fans of winter sports. The ski track stretched from the heart of Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, and passed through the most beautiful Karelian forests and swamps. The visit card of the marathon and Karelis Republic is its natural beauty, the warm welcome of the locals and the truly domestic atmosphere. The main part of the distance passes along the flat track "Fountains", which is named for several wells along the banks of the Lososinka River, decorated in the form of blossoming flowers. The wells appeared in the 1960th as a result of underground water estimating near Petrozavodsk. Then skiers began to visit this place by logging roads. In the 1990s, the track began its development, today it enjoys great popularity among skiers.


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