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Nikolov Peresvet Russialoppet

18.01.2020 50/30/10/5/1 km CT
Peresvet RUS Russland
Euroloppet Partner Race What is a Euroloppet Partner Race?

The new traditional race 50 km The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius One of the most famous Russian marathons, Nikolov Perevoz, which is included in the Euroloppet and Russialoppet international series, was held for the first time at the Peresvet ski center,in 2018. The race was postponed from a traditional spot on the Dubna River due to thin and dangerous ice. Instead of a flat river ice cover, the marathon participants had to overcome the heavy climbs of route, named after the famous Russian skiers, and steep winding slopes. More than thousand of participants, including not only athletes, but also politicians, officials, businessmen, representatives of various professions came with interest to try the new track. Each of them has his own goal: to fight with rivals or just participate and finish itself. For those who were not ready for a whole marathon, 10 and 20 kilometers races were organized. Children started at kilometer and three kilometer distances. The marathon began with the children race, many of themput skis for the first time. Among the older children there were also beginners, - pupils of the shelter "Nadezhda", located near Peresvet. The atmosphere was conducive to feel like a real athlete. The Lukoil company helped with the equipment for the children. The organizers secured themselves in 2018 by reducing the distance to 40 kilometers in Peresvet. However, after the race it became obvious that the 50 km would have turned out even more exciting and interesting. So, the backup version of the race has transformed into another interesting sport event. In Peresvet the track is very well prepared. Obviously, it is prepared daily, not just for some events. This is a European approach, and it sets a certain level. Peresvet is the closest resort of this class to Moscow. Ski tracks of this level may exist, but without the accompanying infrastructure. And here is a complete cross country ski resort. I am sure that it will become very popular, especially among Moscow skiers. As for the development of the marathon idea, I would very much like to create a new tradition on this place. Georgy Kadykov-Orbeliani, the main organizer and inspirer of mass amateur competitions "Nikolov Perevoz" "Nikolov Perevoz" is a wonderful holiday. Thanks to the organizers for hosting this amazing marathon. The high level and importance of these competitions is obvious. I am grateful to the participants for overcoming such a difficult track, I ride on it myself and I know its high complexity. I hope that we will hold more than one marathon for the center, and I will be happy to take a part next time, I will fight for the highest places in overal. Alexander Legkov, Olympic champion in the marathon and silver medalist in the relay race of the 2014 Winter Olympics.


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